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Volunteer vacations San Isidro de El General/Perez Zeledon, located in the South Central Region, an important trade zone connecting the southern zone of Costa Rica to the rest of the country. Besides a approved curriculum and extra activities it also makes for a great experience for students as they are in route to destinations such as the beautiful beaches along the southern Pacific Coast or towards the highest peak of Costa Rica the Chirripo mountain. You can also combine a course at our other language locations within the same curriculum e.g. Caribbean Coast, Turrialba, Panama...

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Sustainability in conservation is based on respect for cultural diversity and the continuous integration of the community. In our projects we focus on interdisciplinary work and involve members of each participating community in order to implement longlasting concepts for the conservation of natural resources, even for those that live under difficult conditions.


costa rica

COSTA RICA is a small and peaceful country located in Latin America between Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south.

It is a beautiful country that offers very diverse ecosystems and protects approximately 25 percent of its national territory in National Parks, wildlife reserves, forest preserves and private reserves.


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