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This project initiated by Planet Conservation to protect 104 ha / 260 acres of primary and secondary forest in Costa Rica also seeks to safeguard water sources which are critical for the conservation of biodiversity. This piece of land is influenced by the Chirripo National Park, recognized as being the country's highest mountain, which forms one of the most important ecosystems regarding water resources in the Talamanca Mountain Range that connects Costa Rica with Panama.


This area covers the largest remaining natural forest in Central America and holds about 90% of Costa Rica’s known flora, containing several hundred endemic plant species and one of the last major refuges for threatened fauna. It is well known as one of the last refuges for endangered species, such as the jaguar and is estimated to harbor about 4% of all terrestrial species on earth.

The main idea for protection is to prevent further deforestation as well as livestock and agricultural expansion. We want to secure protection for the mountains and springs in order to avoid water becoming scarce and that soil erosion takes place.




If you are interested in becoming a partner for the conservation of these forests and refuges of water or know people, organizations as well as public or private institutions that are involved in funding conservation projects, then we invite you to actively participate in this initiative - with any amount you are able to contribute or by sending this information to people that would be interested in participate.

For every US$ 10,000 sponsored, donors will receive a certificate that states that 5,000 square metres of primary forest have been maintained, which, according to calculations, compensate the emission of carbon gases that cause global warming.

Every 5,000 m2 compensates about 1.3 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to a car fuel load that can take one 6,000 km or that is derived from the annual energy consumption when using air conditioning in a one-person household.



The amount of 1.3 tons covers the annual consumption of a 4-person family – when taking the global average, a European citizen has an estimated yearly energy consumption of about 10 tons and the average in the US is estimated to be 20 tons CO2 per adult per year.

Apart from taking action against global warming with the help of your participation, you will receive a certificate showing exactly where the piece of primary forest that you are helping to protect is located. In addition, you will get an invitation to visit the refuge anytime you want in order to learn about the importance of your support and how the protected forest is monitored and looked after.

In this way you can observe how we work when it comes to protecting vital habitats and you will get to know further conservation projects that Planet Conservation is developing whilst enjoying the rich biodiversity and the charms of the rainforest.






This is also an opportunity for organizations and universities working in fields such as tropical studies, animal research, organic agriculture, alternative energies, tropical forestry and reforestation or sustainable development.

We are offering collaboration possibilities to share a space for education and research with students, teachers, interns, thesis students and volunteers.



Planet Conservation is an organization that develops and strengthens environmental programs, social and cultural rights in Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia, generating sustainable economic development alternatives for the communities and helping through international volunteer programs and the promotion of tourism for conservation.

Our goal as a social and environmental organization is to design innovative ideas to prevent environmental damage as well as protecting ecosystems and the species that inhabit them. We believe that participation is a key element to achieving a structural change and that we can live sustainably with the environment.

We appreciate the support and confidence in our organization and invite you to be an active partner within our programs.

If you need further information about this project or our organization please feel free to contact us anytime.


Beate Heycke & Federico Solorzano.

Founders of Planet Conservation Costa Rica